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The team of professional, experienced traders at the Trust-money.bid, are passionate about cryptocurrency and providing their clients with effective Bitcoin currency investment strategies that will give them a higher return on their investment and increase their profits. The Trust-money.bid is similar to an investment club, popularized by investors who have little to intermediate investment experience but still want to grow their portfolios like the professionals.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Trust-money.bid is the UK's leading Bitcoin investment platform. Many of our new members don't fully understand Bitcoin trading and we make it our mission to inform and educate our clients. In easy understand terms, Bitcoin transactions are sent from and to electronic bitcoin wallets, and are digitally signed for security. Everyone on the network knows about a transaction, and the history of a transaction can be traced back to the point where the bitcoins were produced. You can hold onto your Bitcoins if you like and wait for the price to go up or you can join a Bitcoin trading club like the Trust-money.bid and watch your Bitcoin fortune grow.

A private limited company

The Trust-money.bid is a London based investment firm founded by a team of professional investors who wanted to offer their clients more. More services, more features and benefits and more profits. We are a legally registered investment company and we offer our clients a wide range of investment plans to match their needs and their financial goals.

Founded in London, UK with company number 9992648, we are official private limited company with registered office in London UK.

Official UK company - a link to the PDF!

Why Choose the Trust-money.bid?

The Trust-money.bid program works 365 days a year, every day of the week. Our customers receive their interest daily and we offer full customer support with every transaction. Our primary focus is on our investors who choose to use Bitcoin as their primary form of currency. The Trust-money.bid offers many convenient options designed to make our customer's investments easy and hassle free. We are one of the only Bitcoin investment platforms that lets their customers make deposits using Bitcoin and provides them with the information, tips and advice they need.

Our Investment Professionals

The Trust-money.bid has sourced some of the UK's most talented traders that have the knowledge and experience needed to trade effectively and make our members money. Our team understands the Bitcoin market and is focused on successful trades, profitable returns and providing levels of service and support our members won't find anywhere else.

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To learn more about the Trust-money.bid or to join us today, contact us and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Let our team of professional traders give you the information you need to trade Bitcoin effectively and profitably.